Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dreams, Brains and Politicians

Finally I have arrived to the world of blogging or should I say “English” blogging. Actually I am not really new to this singular group called “Bloggers”. However, with the brain that can think only in my mother tongue, it took some determination and courage to try my hand at English. So far it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. I have already written few sentences and my spell checker tells me that I am not doing too badly with the spellings. That’s got to be positive. And as a reader, if you are reading this line, that is even more encouraging as you have not given up on my feeble effort to learn this esoteric art yet.

The first question mark that I faced with this bustle was the name of the blog. I have always been a person with dreams since I was a kid. Not that I had any special dreams. As a child, I had the most common dreams, of not being able to answer a single question in an important examination, of ghosts and of prince charming riding his horse, on his way to pick up his girlfriend princess. Not any different to an everyday girl, I guess. And now, that I am no more a child, I have realized that, at least in my dreams, I can take the liberty of being that striking princess.

They say dream big. I try and fail miserably. My dreams are not about being superwoman or a supermodel. My dreams are miniature dreams of reality but nevertheless my dreams are my reflection and they are darling to me. So I thought “Darling Dreams” would be a superlative name for my blog. On a lighter note, writing an English blog was something I could do only in my dreams. So is my blog name apt.

The stage is set. What am I going to write here? I really don’t know. Maybe express myself though the most inexpressible media for me, the English blog. Maybe talk about anything and everything under the sun, which fascinates me, tickles my imagination. It could be a donkey on the road or a politician. Do they sound analogous? They are my favorite anyways when it comes to witticism.

Let me end this blog by narrating a legend about a politician and his brain. This is from a Marathi song that I heard few days back.

A person visits a doctor. The doctor diagnoses that the patient has a problem with his brain and hence opens his skull and removes the brain for check-up. By the time the doctor is done with his work, the patient is gone. The doctor gets worried, advertises in the newspaper, announces in the national news, but in vein. No one comes forward to call for the unclaimed brain. Five years elapse and the patient returns to the doctor. He asks for his brain. The doctor recites all the efforts that he took to locate the patient and asks him why did he not come back to claim his brain.

Patient explains to the doctor. As the doctor was working on his brain, someone picked the patient up and nominated him as election candidate. Then he won the election, he was made a minister and since he had been made the minister he hasn’t needed his brain. Now that the 5 year period is over and that he has lost his chance to stand for an election, it’s the time that he will need his brain again, and hence he has come back to collect his brain.

Now you know, why politicians act the way they do…

- Sam


Monsieur K said...

its a good beginning :)
all the best! may all your dreams come true!

Deep said...

WOW what a Beginning >>> Darling Dreams>>> Oye ...gret start!

I liked the story of politician and his brain.>> 5 year period is over and that he has lost his chance to stand for an election>>> too good :) BTW which Marathi song is it??

ajay tayshete said...

नाही नाही म्हणत छान लिहिलयस.
नवीन पोस्ट कधी मिळ्णार वाचयला?